Exclusive Nitrogen poker freeroll

BitAce has partnered with Nitrogen Sports (review) to offer you a free poker tournament with 10 x 1.2 m฿ tickets in prizes every Sunday!

The freerolls are open to all players who signup via our referral link; even if you have never made a deposit or don’t own crypto yet. Signup is anonymous; you don’t even need to give an email address!

Nitrogen’s poker is beginner friendly with an easy to use table layout and intuitive options. Play is in the browser meaning you you don’t need to download any software. They also have a great sportsbook (review).



Registration starts

3 hours before tournament


No limit Texas Holdem

Prize pool

10 x 1.2 m฿ tickets

Starting chips


Blind levels

6 minutes

Level 1 blinds


See you on the felt!

If you have any problems finding the freeroll please contact Nitrogen support. I have no access to their systems so there is nothing I can do.

Join the freeroll!


  1. Blade 10 months ago

    hello I hope and they are well. I would like to know why the change to tick? that spoils the platform and makes many users abandon it

    • Author
      BitAce 10 months ago

      This is Nitrogen Sports (review) decision which I think they took for two reasons.

      1. Nitrogen wants users to play more poker. With a bitcoin prize, a lot of winners did not play any more poker with their winnings. Now with tickets the winners are encouraged to play again with their winnings.
      2. To save Nitrogen money.
  2. spandau 2 years ago

    your freeroll on nitrogen is being interrupted (happened multiple times) and when poker comes back there is no tourney already playing in the list mad no link to get back to

    what happens with the prize, im curious. cause once the tourney is stopped by the bullshit software crashing no one can re enter back , unless is hacking the website and finds a hidden link by himself.

    nice job with the freeroll, but if leaves people with stack of chips and broken winnings because they cant ever return to the tourney, is not good at all

    • NitrogenSports.eu 1 year ago

      Hi Spandau

      We apologize for the inconvenience that this rare downtime impacted your ability to play. The good news this is a weekly event and you can play every week. Best of luck at the tables.

  3. Anonymous 2 years ago

    What is your referral link?

  4. Maryna 2 years ago

    very nice tournament
    how can i get 50 mBTC freebet for knocking out player 189 ?
    thank you!

  5. M 3 years ago

    I have sent numerous emails to nitrogen and I still can’t enter tournament

    • Author
      BitAce 3 years ago

      Hi M,

      You are now tagged as a referral of ours and able to enter the tournaments. Good luck!

  6. Francisco yanez 3 years ago

    buenas tarde para porfavor poder pàrticipar en el toneo Exclusivo freeroll de poker 300 MBTC Nitrógeno mi usuario es obito-tobi y quisiera participar en el torneo espero respuesta positivas

    • Author
      BitAce 3 years ago

      Hola Francisco.

      El torneo es abierto a los que inscriben desde nuestros link


      incluso si usted nunca ha hecho un depósito o no tienes crypto. Inscripción es anónima ni tienes que dar su correo electrónico!

      Buenas suerte 🙂

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