SwC Poker review


Updated Jun 28, 2020


  • Low Rake.
  • Large range of games and tourneys.
  • Good customer service.
  • Authentic crypto poker OGs.


  • Reggy Field (opposite of fishy).
  • Low action outside peak times.
  • BTC only.
Overall score 93%
Software 8/10
Rake 10/10
Range of tables 7/10
Transactions 8/10
Customer service 8/10
Privacy and security 8/10
Min stakes
2/4 satoshis
Max stakes
0.1/0.2 m฿
Bitcoin BTC

SwC Poker is the original and the best crypto poker site. It’s a pure online poker experience, there are no other types of gambling available so there are no annoying casino ads or emails advertising a sportsbook or anything like it.


You can download native apps for Android, Mac, and Windows or you can play in the browser, which is the easiest and most convenient option. The main advantage of downloading the client on your computer rather than playing in the browser is that you get great multi-table management in tile or cascading layouts.

The Android app is fine. Its mostly just the big screen version but shrunk down to a smaller screen. This means the options and controls on the tables are a bit cramped and cluttered. Some of the options and features from the big screen versions are missing, for example customizable table, background and card colors.

You can not find the Android app in the Playstore, you have to go to the SwC Poker website and download it from there. You might have to change your security settings to install the app but its easy to do.


SwC Poker has super low rake of 0%-2.5% of cash games and 2%-5% for tournies. You will then get up to 50% rakeback through the loyalty program.

SwC Poker has the equal lowest rake of all poker sites.

Range of Tables

  • Hold’em: No limit, fixed limit and pot limit.
  • Pot limit Omaha: High/low, 5 card and 5 card high/low.
  • Stud: Fixed limit.
  • Chinese: Pot limit.
  • Draw: Fixed limit.
  • Short Deck: No limit.
  • Mixed: HORSE, 8-Game, 11-Game and Lowball.

Only the no limit hold’em tables up to 0.05 m฿/0.1 m฿ have action 24/7. However a wider range of tables have action at peak times.

SwC Poker has the biggest tournies of any crypto site. The BIG BTC runs on the last Sunday of every month with a 1000 m฿ prize. The Medium BTC runs every Sunday with a 500 m฿ prize. Both are standard no limit hold’em format.

SwC Poker has the best range of tables of all poker sites.

User experience

On the tables and in the lobby most things are where you expect them to be and work how you expect them to work. One exceptions is that you can only filter tables and tournaments by 1 option per category. For example in the game types category, there are 7 options, you show them all or filter to show 1, you can not filter to show 2. Same for stakes/buy-in levels like micro stake, low stake, mid-stake and high-stake. This is specially annoying since they use radio buttons indicating you should be able to select more than 1.

It can be hard to find the user options and functions you are looking for like the cashier and account settings.


Unique deposit addresses: Yes.

Confirmations before play: 1.

Withdrawal time: Between 1 and 2 hours.

Player to player transfer: Available.

SwC Poker has the equal best transactions of all poker sites.

Customer service

Customer service channels available: Email is the official support channel but you can get basic help in the site-wide chatbox and Twitter.

Speed of replies: A few hours.

Accuracy of replies: Good, they are true crypto poker insiders and they really know their stuff.

SwC Poker has the best customer service of all poker sites.

Privacy and security

Information required at signup: Email.

2 factor authentication: Not available.


SwC Poker does not block any players based on country, just like it should be!



You can only bet this bonus here on BitAce!

Exclusive no limit holdem poker freeroll with 10 m฿ prize-pool every ! No deposit required, full details of this and another exclusive freeroll here.

You can also get special bonuses for streaming SwC Poker on Twitch. Lastly there is a bad beat jackpot if you lose a hand with aces full of 10s or better.

Loyalty program

SwC Poker has a standard loyalty program where you get points for paying table and tournament rake. The more points you have the more rakeback you get from 5% to 50%.

You also get goodies like freerolls and customizable avatars.


SwC Poker is a wonderful, hard core, crypto poker site. It has good software, low rake, the biggest tournaments in the industry and a wide range of games.

The other crypto poker sites listed here also have sportsbooks and casino games. Unless you specifically want those features then their absence on SwC Poker is a positive because it means no distractions, just poker in all its glory!

SwC Poker is the best overall poker site.
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  1. hm

    what referral code i should write at signup?

    • BitAce

      Our referral code is “yeh-nah-yeh” but I think as long as you sign through clicking a link on this site you should be tagged correctly. Good luck!

  2. Poker player

    Everything is great but it has very slow app…just change that,make it faster and you site will boom.mark my words

    • BitAce

      The app has been re-made since your comment, so it is probably much faster now. I found it fast enough 🙂

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