Nitrogen poker review

Updated Jun 1, 2019
Overall score 92%
Software 10/10
Rake 9/10
Range of tables 5/10
Transactions 8/10
Customer service 9/10
Privacy and security 9/10
Costa Rica
Min stakes
Max stakes
Bitcoin BTC

Nitrogen are an industry leader in crypto gambling. They have a reliable website with crypto logic integrated into everything. They also know how to have fun with competitions and live community chat.

The player field is small but increasing fast and it’s fishy due to the sports bettors.

Your poker balance is shared with one of the world’s best sportsbooks (review) and dice games (review).


We believe the future of poker is in the browser rather than in dedicated poker clients and that is the option Nitrogen has gone for. Play in the browser makes accessing the tables safer and easier than downloading a separate app would be.

Nitrogen is simple and easy to use, it is light on advanced options but everything flows and works perfectly and it is very intuitive and beginner friendly.

Nitrogen has the best software of all poker sites.


The cash game rake ranges from 1% – 4% which is standard for crypto poker sites.

The rake on tournament entry fees is 4% which is the lowest of any crypto poker site!

You will get an effective 10% – 40% rakeback from Nitrogen’s loyalty program.

Range of tables

  • No limit hold’em
  • Fixed limit hold’em
  • Pot limit Omaha
  • No limit crazy hold’em

Only the no limit hold’em micro-stakes tables of 0.01 m฿/0.02 m฿ have action 24/7. However a wider range of tables have action at peak times.


Unique deposit addresses: Available.

Confirmations before play: 1.

Withdrawal time: 10 minutes.

Player to player transfer: Available.

Nitrogen has the equal best transactions of all poker sites.

Customer service

Customer service channels available: On site ticketing system or email. No live chat customer service although you can usually get some help in the community chat or through Nitrogen's social media accounts.

Speed of replies: 30 minutes or less via on site ticketing system.

Accuracy of replies: Very good, support staff are well trained and knowledgeable.

Nitrogen has the best customer service of all poker sites.

Privacy and security

Information required at signup: None, not even an email address.

2 factor authentication: Available.

Nitrogen has the best privacy and security of all poker sites.


Nitrogen does not block any players based on country, just like it should be!


Sign up to Nitrogen from this site to get access to an exclusive freeroll every week!


Nitrogen is one of the best and easiest to use poker sites in the world; combining the advantages of crypto, security and fun. If you want to try crypto poker then you want to do it at Nitrogen.

Having one of the world’s best sportsbooks and dice games on the side is a nice bonus.

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