Crypto poker room selector

There are so many poker rooms asking for your business and they all seem the same so how do you choose which one to join? In fact they are not the same; some have better customer service but higher rake, some have better bonuses but poor software and so on.

We have done all the testing for you and given the rooms scores in 6 different areas. To find out which you would most enjoy playing with based on what you want just fill out these 6 questions.

How important are these to you?

 Not importantSomewhat importantVery important
Range of tables
Customer service
Privacy and security

How the recommendations are generated

  • We give every poker a score in each of the 7 areas listed.
  • Poker room scores in areas that are not important to you are weighted less and scores in areas that are important to you are weighted more.
  • If 2 poker rooms get the same score in your questionnaire we use the overall score from the full review as the tiebreaker.

To see how we rank the poker rooms in different areas please see our crypto poker reviews.

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