How review scores are calculated

We evaluate crypto poker sites on a number of objective pre-defined criteria. We keep the subjectivity to a minimum and use measurable and verifiable facts as much as possible.

Here are the criteria we score poker sites on, a definition of 10/10 performance and examples of things that would cause a poker site to lose points.


User interface and user experience elements such as

  • Design.
  • Custom options such as 4 color deck and player notes.
  • Layout and clarity of controls such as bet sizing.
  • Fun factor.
  • Site speed.

10/10 poker software has beautiful design, intuitive controls, logical layout and settings, deals well with multi tabling and is fun to play on. We test all of this on desktop and mobile.

Points are lost for things like intrusive casino adds, your preferences not being remembered, disorganized lists of tables in the lobby and lag.

Nitrogen Sports has the best software with 10/10.


There are 2 elements in this rating;

  1. Cash game rake.
  2. Tournament entry rake.

We give sites a separate score out of 10 for both then average the 2 scores to get the final score out of 10.

10/10 is given to whichever crypto poker site has the lowest cash rake.

Other poker sites lose 1 point for every 0.5 % additional rake they have above the lowest rake poker site.

For example, at the moment

has the lowest cash rake of any crypto poker site at 2.5%.
Nitrogen Sports (review) has 4% rake (1.5 % more than SWC Poker).

SWC Poker receive 10/10.
Nitrogen receive 7/10 (3 points less than SWC Poker).

Then we do the same thing for tournament entry rake and average the 2 scores.

The average cash rake at crypto poker sites is 3.63%.
The average tournament rake at crypto poker sites is 7%.

Nitrogen Sports has the lowest rake with 9/10.

Range of tables

There are 2 elements in this rating;

  1. The range of different types of poker available.
  2. The range of different tables/tournaments with different blinds/buy-ins. This can also be seen as a measure of the size of the player pool.

A 10/10 poker site offers all popular poker varieties including

  • Badeucy
  • Badugi
  • Crazy pineapple
  • Dealer’s choice
  • Draw
  • Open face chinese
  • Stud
  • Texas hold’em

All with various tables and tournaments of different blinds and buy-ins.

Nitrogen Sports has the best range of tables with 5/10.


There are 3 transaction types we look at

  1. Deposits.
    • Is it possible to generate a new address for every deposit?
    • Number of confirmations you have to wait before you can play.
  2. Withdrawals.
    • Wait time.
  3. Player to player transfers.

A 10/10 poker site provides deposits, withdrawals and player to player transfers for any amount instantly with 0 confirmation play available.

poker sites lose 1 point

  • For every confirmation your deposit needs before you can bet with it.
  • For every hour a withdrawal takes.
  • If there is no player to player transfer available.
Nitrogen Sports has the best transactions with 8/10.

Customer service

There are 3 elements to this rating

  1. What channels customer service is available though.
  2. The speed of replies from customer service.
  3. The accuracy of replies from customer service.

A 10/10 poker site has 24/7 live chat support with operators who are knowledgeable about crypto and poker. Email customer service answers question in less than an hour, with the correct information. Customer service is also offered via social media.

Points are lost by things like slow response time to emails, undertrained staff and only having 1 method of contact available.

Nitrogen Sports has the best customer service with 9/10.

Privacy, security and transparency

There are 3 main elements to this rating

  1. What information is required at sign up? The less the better.
  2. Is 2 factor authentication available?
  3. Are funds verifiable on the blockchain?

A 10/10 poker site allows fully anonymous accounts without requiring an email address. 2 factor authentication is available and users have some way to verify their balance and/or the poker sites cold storage wallets on the blockchain.

poker sites lose a point

  • For every piece of information they require on signup.
  • If 2 factor authentication is not available.
  • If there is no funds verification on the blockchain available.
Nitrogen Sports has the best privacy and security with 9/10.


Combines all of the above elements plus things like feedback we have received from real users, trustworthiness, positive input to the crypto community and if a poker site’s bonuses are worth taking.

Nitrogen Sports is the best poker site overall with 92%.

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