Bitcoin poker heads up displays

Bitcoin-Poker-HUD1Heads up displays (HUDs) are a powerful tool for serious poker players. They let you see your own and your opponent’s stats in real time. The info is presented right on the window of the table where you are playing. Meaning you don’t have to go to a separate program to check the stats you need in order to make the best decision as the clock is winding down.

Between sessions you can also take a deeper look at your history to reveal holes in your game and see how to manage your playing time optimally. There are 2 bitcoin poker rooms with good HUD options.

Betcoin Poker and Holdem Manager or PokerTracker

The best HUD set up for bitcoin poker is Betcoin Poker (review) with Holdem Manager, PokerTracker or any program that is compatible with the Winning Poker Network (WPN). These are the gold standards in HUDs and the programs of choice for almost all poker pros.

Having Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker available is a major leg up for Betcoin Poker over all other bitcoin rooms that can not use these industry leading programs. Along with the large player pool this is one of the great advantages that Betcoin Poker players get for being part of the Winning Poker Network.

We tried PokerTracker and it only works in part. All the hands imported and the HUD works but the program does not support bitcoin as a currency so if you have any other hands in the database in USD or other currencies stats with monetary amounts might not work. We would not be surprised if this is also true for Holdem Manager.

Free Poker Database

The next best HUD option for bitcoin poker players is playing at SwC Poker (review)and using Free Poker Database (FPDB). FPDB is a free open source program that takes a lot of manual technical configuration which is not user friendly.

You will need to install a MySQL database on your machine as well as other programs. If you are tech savvy and enjoy tinkering and saving money you will love it, anyone else will be pulling their hair out.

We are still early in the evolution of the bitcoin poker ecosystem and it still has a small player base. As bitcoin takes over the gambling world their will more and better bitcoin poker HUD options and we will keep updating this page as they emerge. GL


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